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release and waiver

I, the undersigned, do hereby voluntarily allow myself (or my child) to participate in Moe's Martial Arts held by Morgan Rhynes. I do hereby assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries, or losses that I or my child could sustain or incur, in any event of activity while participating in martial arts classes offered by Morgan Rhynes and Moe's Martial Arts. I do hereby waive any claims against Morgan Rhynes or Moe's Martial Arts, for any claim involving injuries, losses, or damages that I or my child may sustain.

I have read and understand this liability waiver and its terms. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.

In Consideration of Moe's Martial Arts and Morgan Rhynes accepting the within application, I, , agree to indemnify Moe's Martial Arts and/or Morgan Rhynes, their participants, members, servants, agents, or employees from any claims or demands which might be made against Moe's Martial Arts or its members, servants, agents or employees, including Morgan Rhynes, arising out of or in consequence to the attendance or participation by in Moe's Martial Arts classes.

I agree to your terms and conditions